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Approved For The Georgia Joshua's Law Requirement

When they passed Joshua’s Law, Georgia legislators had the safety of teenage drivers in mind. Joshua Brown lost his life in a car accident in 2003, and his parents worked with the legislators in order to make sure as few parents as possible experienced a loss like theirs. The result was additional requirements for Drivers Education and driving experience in order for teens to earn their drivers license.

unfortunately, it can be difficult to fit the required 30-hour driving safety course into a busy schedule. Joshua’s Law has definitely made the roads safer for teen drivers in Georgia, but it hasn’t made the process more flexible. Online Drivers Education means that students can still get their important safety education without having to juggle homework and after-school activities, not to mention parents’ schedules. Courses can be completed at a student’s own pace and include a timer to make sure the DDS requirements for 30 hours are being met. When the course is complete, the DDS is notified and young drivers are ready for their final exam!

Joshua’s Law has played an important role toward improving the skills of new drivers and will continue to do good things for driving safety in Georgia. In the meantime, online driving courses are a perfect alternative to driving school for people with busy schedules. At $19.95, it’s a great option. Enroll now!

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